​   ​​​Kari Lyn      MA, LMFT, PCLC

Therapy Rates:60

  • 60 Minute Sesion (most common) - $175
  • 45 minute session - $150 (Adolescents)
  • Intake Session (first session only) - $225

Many insurance companies provide mental health benefits and are willing to pay in full or in part for services.  To understand your benefits contact your insurance company directly and ask about yourcoverage for psychotherapy coverage.   

Questions to ask Insurance:

  • What are my Mental Health Benefits?
  • Do I have a deductible or copay?
  • Is there a limit to how many sessions I can have per year?

Note:  If you would like to use your insurance benefits I can provide whatever documentation you need to access insurance reimbursement and HSA funds.  If you have any other questions about insurance, please contact me. 

Life Coaching
Life coaching Starter Package -
6 - 60 minute sessions or 3 - 2 hour sessions - $750
Individual Session - $150
*Insurance will not cover Coaching Sessions

Your mental health is a pivotal piece of your wellness puzzle, it can however be costly.  If finances are getting in the way of your ability to get the healing services you need, please talk to me.